On October 23, 2002, the Florida Board of Architecture and Interior Design contracted with the law firm of Smith, Thompson, Shaw, Minacci & Colón, P.A., to provide investigative and prosecutorial services to the Board in accordance with the provisions of Chapters 455 and 481, Florida Statutes. The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation previously provided these services.

The investigative services that will be provided by the law firm to the Board shall include receiving complaints, interviewing complainants, interviewing witnesses, issuing subpoenas, interviewing subjects of complaints, taking sworn statements, compiling documentary evidence, and preparing investigative reports. Prosecutorial services shall include preparing cases for presentation to probable cause panel, preparing administrative complaints, prosecuting complaints at disciplinary hearings, prosecuting appeals, and reporting alleged criminal violations to the appropriate authorities. The law firm will provide these services for both licensed and unlicensed cases.

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation still maintain administrative support to the Board for licensure issues, continuing education, examinations, and coordinating board meetings. If you would like information regarding any of these areas, the Department’s Internet site can be found at www.myflorida .com. Simply choose Government from the menu, and then choose the Department of Business and Professional Regulation from Find an Agency. At this site you will be able to determine the licensure status of an individual or a business, the disciplinary history of a licensee, a calendar of upcoming board meetings and other relevant information.